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HyKim: The cuddly rescue bear

Hykim is one of the world's most advanced commercially available robots. HyKim has 21DOF and a powerful distributed processing system with a host of sensors. Hykim was originally designed in response to RoboCup's call for a Standard Robotic Platform in 2006. Hykim is designed to be an open development platform using open source philosophies for the hardware, and debian etch as the basis for the software. This year we have been working with Hykim to implement walking gaits (quadrupedal & hopefully some bipedal), camera stabilisation and as the basis for rescue robot to venture through disaster zones to assist in pinpointing survivors of disasters, both natural or man-made. Basically our bear is cute, awesome, and best of all: is powered by Linux.

Kymberly Cox

Kymberly is a university student at the University of Newcastle NSW, Australia. She has been working on Hykim as part of her Final Year Project for her Computer Engineering Degree. Although she is relatively new to Linux she is an active member of her local LUG, LOGIN, and loves working with embedded systems.