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Champagne usability on a beer budget

If you're developing an application without actually testing it with everyday users, you're selling yourself short. Usability testing doesn't have to be onerous or expensive, and any indie developer can do great testing with minimal resources and great open tools.

We'll talk about:

- Testing early, testing often -- why early and ongoing attention to usability is so important, and doesn't take up as much time as you might think.

- What to test for and how to get the most useful results. Conducting tests doesn't need a bajillion-dollar testing lab, hidden cameras, or white coats.

- Nifty open source tools your project can use right now -- capture user interaction, and share it with your developers.

- Make usability a part of the culture of your project. Become a usability champ!

Raena Jackson Armitage

Raena is a web developer and usability wonk currently at Squiz, the developers of Australia's best and most widely deployed open source content management system. She's good with beer budgets.