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Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are rapidly becoming widely deployed in laptops and even data centres. They have some interesting differences from rotating media, which anyone who has an interest in Linux storage will want to understand. Getting the best performance out of SSDs requires some tweaking of the Linux kernel. Some of the changes were quite straight-forward while others required some extensive meandering through bits of the kernel that would initially seem quite unrelated. This presentation describes all the work I've been doing on this over the past year and includes performance measurements.

Matthew Wilcox

Matthew Wilcox has been making contributions to the Linux kernel for over a decade. Starting at university and continuing through five different employers, he has contributed to file systems, device drivers, architecture ports, PCI, SCSI, libata and many other parts of the kernel. He is currently employed by Intel working in their OTC group on Linux kernel performance.