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Remote Management System. Really remote.

How do you remote control some PCs in a shipping crate with no copper service?

You take a Solar Panel to charge a battery, use that to run an UMPC, which talks to you using a 3G modem allowing you to control a DIO to start a Diesel Generator to power the PCs.

Sounds Easy? I thought so too :-)

In the true Unix tradition this project cobbles together everything from vero-board to MRTG (and ssh, every project needs ssh!) to create a modular monstrosity ready to take over the world, one shipping container at a time!

All code, schematics and documentation will be released under GPL3 (once I find somewhere to host it).

The UMPC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EEE_PC
The DIO: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arduino

Thomas Sprinkmeier

Thomas graduated from UniSA in 1992 as an Electronic Engineer where he was seduced by PC's early in first year.

He's been working as a Software Engineer ever since for Ebor Computing in a variety of projects, usually with heavy mathematical, signal processing and networking components, occasionally interfacing to the 'real world'.

After one particular project left him clinically paranoid Thomas obtained a GSEC computer security certification (and about time he was certified!).

He was intrigued by "free as in beer" about a decade ago and subverted by "free as in speech" soon after.

Thomas is a recovering Sysadmin.