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Arduino: Open Software, Open Hardware

Arduino boards have become the de-facto standard for 8-bit embedded microcontroller hacking under Linux. This popularity has come about due to the combination of the flexible hardware platform itself, and the availability of entirely Open tools for development.

This tutorial will cover getting the software stack installed and running, setting up the hardware (the Arduino Diecimila) and then building some sample applications.

The second half of the tutorial will be participant directed and, depending on the level of interest/expertise of participants could cover further sample applications, using TCP/IP and embedded Ethernet hardware with the Arduino, and other advanced I/O techniques for communicating with devices such as accelerometers.

Participants in the tutorial are asked to make contact with the coordinators ahead of LCA so that they can obtain the relevant hardware and software packages ahead of time.

(Co-presenters: Jonathan Oxer and Hugh Blemings)

Jonathan Oxer

Jonathan has been labeled "Australia's Geekiest Man" and has been hacking on both hardware and software since he was a little tacker. He is past-President of Linux Australia, and founder and Technical Director of Internet Vision Technologies.

Jonathan is set to host an upcoming TV show called "SuperHouse" featuring high-tech home renovation, open-source automation systems, and domestic hardware hacking.

Hugh Blemings

Hugh has been working on Free software since the mid-90's for fun and as a (still rather fun) paid gig since 1999. He was co-author of the gnokii project, developed kernel device drivers for the Keyspan USB-serial adaptors and most recently has done some porting work for embedded PowerPC platforms.
He worked at IBM's Linux Technology Centre as a Open Source Hacker in the Canberra based OzLabs team for just shy of eight years. Usually this was a jeans and t-shirt kinda a role, but he has been known to wear a suit when protocol requires it. He will not be wearing a suit for the LCA session.
Beyond Free Software his interests include cycling, electronics, ham radio and piano.
Hugh lives on a small property just outside Queanbeyan with his wife and daughter and is currently enjoying a break from full time work :)