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Let's mingle

Audio/video calls over the internet have become increasingly popular in the last few years. To establish these calls in jabber/GTalk an XMPP extension called ``Jingle'' exists. Currently jingle only allows one to one calls. We're working on an extension to the jingle protocol to be able to make conferences between multiple people, called mingle. Mingle does not require any server infrastructure that's not already widely deployed for XMPP. Also because
the actual media streaming goes directly between the participants the server doesn't need bandwidth to allow for calls.

This talk will explain the basics of Jingle protocol and the additions that had to be made for mingle. It will also explain and demonstrate the implementation of mingle in the telepathy framework.

Sjoerd Simons

Sjoerd Simons has been a Debian Developer 2001 and is a contributor to numerous open source projects, such as hal, pulseaudio, gnome and gstreamer. He is the main author of telepathy-salut, the link-local xmpp component for Telepathy. Currently he is hacking on various bits of the telepathy framework for a living.