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Joining the mob: the kernel development process

There are very few software development projects - public or private -
which can match the scale of the Linux kernel. Over two thousand developers
contribute code to the kernel every year at a rate that exceeds 100 patches
per day, every day. Few projects are as open as the kernel, but
participation in the kernel development process is still an intimidating
prospect for many developers.

The purpose of this talk is to help those developers - and their managers -
get over the initial barriers and become part of the development process.
Topics covered include the value of getting code into the mainline, how
code gets into the kernel, common pitfalls, and more. Attendees should
expect to leave fired up and ready to send off their patches for

Jonathan Corbet

Jonathan Corbet is a Linux kernel contributor, co-founder of LWN.net (and
the author of its Kernel Page), and the lead author of Linux Device
Drivers, Third Edition. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA.