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Clutter: Open source bling!

Clutter is an open source library for creating smooth, rich animated user interfaces. It uses OpenGL/OpenGL-ES to provide hardware accelerated graphics whilst abstracting the complexities into a simple developer friendly API.

It has recently been accepted as a blessed external dependency for GNOME 2.24 and desktop apps will increasingly start to use it to enhance their visual experience. However it is not only designed for the desktop, by supporting OpenGL-ES it can provide a powerful base for next generation mobile user interfaces.

In this presentation I will describe the practical elements of programming with Clutter along with some insight into the philosophy of its design.

The talk will contain a selection of demos highlighting Clutter's capabilities both in simple and more complex examples.

Rob Bradford

Rob is an open source developer employed at Intel's Open Source Technology Center where he spends his time hacking on interesting projects focused around the GNOME Mobile platform.