Penguin March

Saturday, 24th of January
Leaving 10:00am

From Parliament Square, Salamanca, to Wrest Point

On the morning of Saturday the 24th of January (Open Day), Free Software enthusiasts will be marching through the streets of Hobart to raise awareness and promote Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS).

People are invited to wear tuxedos or black clothes in honour of the respective mascots for the Linux kernel, and the conference.

Tux, a penguin, represents the global communities behind one of the world's most important open-source projects, the Linux kernel, while Tuz is an open-source-loving Tasmanian Devil who wears a beak and symbolises the uniqueness that Hobart has brought to for its 10th anniversary and first visit to Tasmania.

Join us in a relaxing stroll from Parliament Square, through the Salamanca Markets, to Open Day at Wrest Point as we march South together for!