Thomas A. Limoncelli

Title: The Scarcity Mindset vs. The Abundance Mindset

Thinking in terms of scarcity (computers are expensive, software is expensive) drives much of how we make decisions around IT. Yet much of what we experience is abundant (friendship, community, beauty) and growing (CPU power, bandwidth). We often mis-identify what is scarce and what is abundant. This leads us to making bad decisions in system administration, software development, and life.

When we adopt the abundance mindset we treat our users better, manage our system better, and take care of ourselves better. Believing in the false world of scarcity leads to mistrust, secrecy and closed-source software.

Tom will describe the two mindsets, how each of them have affect IT policy, and how the open source movement not only creates abundance but benefits from it.

Bio: Thomas A. Limoncelli
Tom is an internationally recognized author and speaker. His books include "The Practice of System and Network Administration" and "Time Management for System Administrators". He is the joint recipient of USENIX/SAGE's 2005 Outstanding Achievement Award. He blogs at

Angela Beesley

Angela Beesley will be speaking about the future of Wikipedia and the non-profit organisation that runs it; The Wikimedia Foundation. Angela is chair of the Wikimedia Foundation's Advisory Board and is a former member of the Board of Trustees. Angela has been involved with Wikipedia as a volunteer for almost 6 years. Her other role is with the company Wikia which she helped create in 2004 Originally from the UK, Angela moved to Australia three years ago.

Simon Phipps

Title: Open, Free and Profitable?

With its roots in the work of pioneers like Richard Stallman and Bill Joy, and its surge to the spotlight fuelled by the endemic Internet, Free and Open Source software is now entering the third wave - where businesses try to make the words "Free" and "Open" their own. Will that work? This keynote looks at some ways it might and some things we need to watch out for as companies try.

Bio: Simon Phipps
Technology futurist Simon Phipps is a well-known computer industry insider and commentator and as well as having a widely-read weblog he speaks frequently at industry events on technology trends and futures. At various times he has programmed mainframes, Windows and on the Web. Currently the Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems, Inc., he was previously involved in OSI standards in the 80s, in the earliest commercial collaborative conferencing software in the early 90s, in introducing Java and XML to IBM and most recently with Sun's launching Sun's blogging site, He lives in the UK, is based at Sun's Menlo Park campus in California and can be contacted via