Face to Face papers committee meeting report

Submitted on 2008-10-02 21:27

LCA Papers Committee Face to Face meeting report.

The LCA papers selection committee was held in Hobart on Saturday 13th of September for an 8 hour marathon to determine which lucky few would join the elite pantheon of LCA speakers. Chaired by Mary Gardiner, a team of Tasmanian and interstate committee members, along with a contingent of IRC overseers, sifted through more than 200 submissions to whittle them down to the best of the best.

Debate raged as we tried to settle on the right mix -  that perfect balance of techy crack, techy bling and techy "just plain cool" that makes LCA rock.

Debate rages between James and Mary

Fuelled by mints, sandwiches, softdrinks and copious amounts of coffee, the team made short work of a very long list, but once it got down to the final few we just couldn't decide.

can't decide

In the end it came down to Linux Australia's El Presidente enthusiastically declaring 'tingly feelings' over the last one - and who's to argue with that?

Stewart having a tingly feeling

Revisiting all of our selections to make sure they passed the new "tingly test" we made our final selections. There's something in there for everyone - from robotics to art to licensing law and of course the Linux kernel. Hopefully they all should give you a tingly feeling too.

we have a decision speakers line up to follow soon!