Contents Hobart announces pricing for 2009

Submitted on 2008-09-30 10:04

Registration to open early October

LCA09 has released the prices for next year's conference to be held in Hobart, Tasmania from Jan 19-24th 2009. As in previous years, attendees purchasing their tickets early will get a significant discount on the regular prices. The prices are as follows:

  Professional Hobbyist Student
Early Bird Price $635.00 $290.00 $160.00
Regular Price $785.00 $365.00 $160.00
Open Day Yes! Yes! Yes!
Miniconfs Yes! Yes! Yes!
Conference Yes! Yes! Yes!
Schwag Bag Yes! Yes! Yes!
Conference T-shirt Yes! Yes! Yes!
Penguin Dinner Yes! $80 $80
Networking Session Yes! - -
Extra Goodies Yes! - -
Professional Listing Yes! - -

Partner's Program

$200 (adult) / $140 (children)

Additional T-shirts

Start at $20


Starts from $65 per night (breakfast included) and can be booked at registration time.

Fairy penguin sponsorship

Following its success in Melbourne, we have introduced a 'Sponsor' level registration category. The Fairy Penguin sponsorship is designed for those who wish to attend the conference as a Professional delegate and make a supporting contribution to the conference. In recognition of this support Fairy Penguin sponsors get their logo and a link on our sponsors page, a listing in the conference booklet, and a table at Open Day. Simply register as a Fairy Penguin, or email sponsors at marchsouth dot org for more information. Fairy Penguin sponsorship packages start at $1,500 plus GST.


The Professional rate is the standard conference rate. This rate is for companies paying for conference fees and charging it as a training or education expense, or for individuals who can legitimately claim it as a tax deduction, and who wish to make a valued contribution to the free and open source community. The benefits of a Professional registration include the Penguin Dinner, Professional Delegates Networking Session, extra gifts as a thankyou for their support, and a listing in the conference booklet.


The Hobbyist rate is heavily discounted for free software enthusiasts who are paying out of their own pockets and would otherwise find it difficult to attend.


This concession rate is reserved for full-time students, and their attendance is subsidised to some extent by professional registrations. The conference offers this rate as a form of investment in the future of the Australian free and open source software community. will be held in Hobart at the University of Tasmania 19th-24th January 2009