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Contemporary Art meets

Submitted on 2009-01-18 01:11

This year is doing something a little different. In keeping with the OSS remix culture, 2009 is partnering with contemporary artists to mix and remix the complementary ideas of two communities.

"Batteries Not Included" is a participatory contemporary arts project that will combine the arts with It is wide in its focus - from the environment to architecture to music (and its copyright) to spirituality to code (under the Artistic licence, of course) - it needs one thing, your input!

More information on how you can participate can be found at and around the conference venue.

Successful Delegates announced for Diversity Delegates Programme

Submitted on 2009-01-13 14:34

After careful consideration, the review committee are pleased to announce the following successful applicants for the first ever Google - Diversity Delegates Programme.

They are (in no particular order):

In addition to the $500 AUD travel stipend reimbursement, the Diversity Delegates will also receive subsidised Professional registration (normally $785) at the early bird hobbyist rate of $290 AUD.

All the review committee volunteers had very positive feedback about the quality of the applicants, and felt that the Diversity Delegates would all make strong contributions to the Linux community as well as receive a lot of positive benefits themselves from being able to attend the conference.

Google and wish to thank everyone for their participation in the Google - Diversity Delegates Programme. The review of applications was done in a distributed manner with volunteer committee representatives from Google, and from Linux Chix AU.

The committee reviewed the applications independently and made recommendations, which were aggregated to select the 6 successful applicants (over an application period from 3rd December to 31st December 2008). All applicants have been notified of their status and Google and congratulate the successful applicants for their efforts! announces partner's program

Submitted on 2009-01-13 01:30

The 2009 team is pleased to announce the schedule for the 2009 partner's programme.

The programme takes in some of Tasmania's finest scenery and historic past, from sailing a tall ship to climbing Hobart's iconic Mt. Wellington (by the modern convenience of a bus, of course!). The programme showcases some of the best Tasmanian scenery including the beauty of its wildlife at the Bonorong Wildlife Park and the natural beauty of its great Forests at Tahune and its underground cave systems at Hastings in the far South.

The schedule is as follows:


Linuxchix Geek Parenting Panel + BBQ


Own time (organisers will provide a list of attractions)


10:30am - 12:00pm Cruise on Lady Nelson

12:00pm - 1:30pm Lunch

1:30pm - 3:00pm Mt. Wellington (or Mt. Nelson if visibility not suitable for Mt. Wellington)


8am - approx 5pm Hastings Caves, Tahune Airwalk and Apple Museum on return. Lunch provided.

NB: there is an hour bus trip to Hastings Caves and Tahune.


10:30am - 12pm Bonorong Wildlife Park

12:30pm - 2:30pm (approx) Lunch and sightseeing at Richmond historic town "latebirds" competition: 7 days to go! 7 cool prizes!

Submitted on 2009-01-12 21:19 is only 7 sleeps away and if you're currently thinking of going but haven't quite got around to it, the team at 2009 have something exciting in store for you.

Starting from 12th January through to the 18th, we're giving away a prize a day to anyone who pays for a ticket in the last seven days of ticket sales. So if Slack is not just the name of your distro (although we know that there are lots of reasons to register late!), buy a ticket to today for your chance to win! :) Winners will be announced during the conference.

It's also time to get in quick to catch our very reasonably priced university accommodation places - these are filling up fast, so make sure you hurry to secure a cosy room close to the conference!

Register now at:

See you all in a week!

Stay with your friends this year at!

Submitted on 2009-01-03 14:13

This year at, the residential college arrangements will be a little different from most years – we think for the better! We're not only offering the usual conference networking, but a couple of different styles of accommodation also.

The single room university accommodation comes in two flavours :

Single dorm rooms that many of you are probably already accustomed to, in the residential college itself. These rooms have a communal bathroom arrangement, but offer the most room privacy. More info can be found at

What will make this year different however, is that we are offering a number of 6 bedroom apartments also. These apartments contain 2 bathrooms, kitchen and lounge and meeting areas so you can hack on through the night in a small communal environment. This also means if you're travelling to LCA in a group, you can choose to stay with your mates in a communal house. More information and floor plans can be found at

Rather than randomly allocating everyone, we thought, why not give you the option to choose who you'd like to stay with? So, if there's other delegates who are also booked into Uni accommodation who you'd like to stay with, please let us know!

This is purely voluntary, there's no obligation to opt in, and although the organising team will do their best to accommodate your preferences, we cannot guarantee that we'll be able to put all of your choices in the same apartments. First in, first served!

Email your preferences to by Sunday 11th January 2009. Not sure who else is going? Drop by the wiki at or sign up and write to the LCA09_Chat mailing list and arrange your perfect share apartment! announces miniconf schedule

Submitted on 2008-12-29 11:31

Specialist mini conferences provide exciting entrée to organisers are pleased to announce the mini-conferences schedules for 2009. "The miniconf organisers along with our miniconf liaison, Joshua Hesketh, have put together a pretty exciting schedule," said organiser, Ben Powell. "These specialist conferences really showcase some of the important fields that are in free software today - both technical and social"

The presenters come from all corners of the globe and include many familiar names as well as many new ones. "Although the miniconfs are more specialised, there is still something there of interest to everyone, whether you're interested in the technical, the sociological or the economic side of open source software" said Mr. Powell. "Free software and its ideas have moved into just about every field of human endeavor, inspiring innovation, debate and discussion across all disciplines, and we wanted the miniconfs to reflect this."

Many of the miniconfs are designed to be interactive, with panels and open discussions to allow delegates to paticipate in discussions with experts in the field. "Interaction between the delegates and experts is a feature of most of the miniconfs this year - the Linuxchix miniconf is even holding a BBQ to facilitate more interaction!" said Mr. Powell "I think that this year's miniconfs really do have something for everyone and they're a great way to meet the experts."

The miniconf schedule includes 12 miniconfs: Open Source Databases, Linux Kernel, Systems Administration, MythTV, Linuxchix, Mobile Devices, The Business of open Source, Linux Security, Multimedia, Virtualisation and Management, Gaming and Free as in Freedom.

The full schedule can be found at:, the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about can be found at

Last minute gift ideas!

Submitted on 2008-12-24 13:44

With the festive season underway, there's nothing more difficult than choosing the right gift - especially at the last minute! So why not show that special someone just how much you care by purchasing a registration for!

What more could anyone want than a whole week of geeking it up with some of the best technical minds in the world in one of the most picturesque places in the world?

Tickets can be purchased from:

The team wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period and we all look forward to seeing many of you in January for

Diversity Delegates Program Deadline Extended!

Submitted on 2008-12-18 22:10

Google Diversity Programme Logo Google and the team are pleased to announce that due to the upcoming holidays, we thought it might be good to go ahead and extend the deadline to the end of the year! So we've extended the due date by 10 days to 2008/12/31 11:59:59. So ring in the new year by sending your application to the Diversity Delegates Program!

Details can be found Diversity Delegates Program Diversity Delegates Programme

Submitted on 2008-12-03 09:32

Google is pleased to partner with organisers to offer travel and conference registrations subsidies to female delegates to attend 2009 in Hobart, Tasmania. The joint Diversity Delegates programme will provide selected participants with a travel subsidy to offset travel and accommodation costs to attend the conference, as well as a subsidised Professional registration ticket representing over 50% savings.

Google Diversity Programme LogoThrough this programme, Google and celebrate and hope to encourage more diverse and representative participation in the Linux and FOSS communities.


To be eligible for the Diversity Delegates programme, you must be a female:

Award Amount:

Each selected Diversity Delegate will receive:

The total amount of awards will be based on both the quantity and quality of applications, and on sponsorship availability.


The Diversity Programme is open for application now, and will close 23:59:59 AEDT December 21, 2008 . We will notify all successful recipients of their award by early January 2009 so you can make travel plans to attend

Application Process:

The application consists of two parts: an online form to be completed by you, and a professional recommendation from someone familiar with your work. Both parts of the application must be received by the deadline above.

The online form can be found here.

Please note that you cannot save your entries on the form and re-enter the form with edits at a later time, so please review all questions in advance of filling out the application and complete the application in one sitting (or standing if you prefer).

Recommendation should be from someone who is familiar with you, your interest and work in Linux or FOSS projects and no more than one printed page in length. The person writing your recommendation should email their recommendation directly to Diversity delegates by the due date above, with the exact subject line of: "Diversity Delegates Recommendation: <insert your name>"

Selection Process:

All applications will be evaluated using a blinded review process by a committee comprised of volunteers from Aussie LinuxChix, LCA organising committee, and Google representatives based on merit.

Claim Process:

If you are selected as a Diversity Delegate, you will receive an email from Google confirming your selection. You can use the code in the email to register online for LCA for the discounted price. You will be asked to provide receipts for your accommodation and travel up to $500 AUD, and will be reimbursed for your expenses after submitting your receipts. No pre-payment of expenses will be paid. T-shirts: time is running out to ensure you get the right size!

Submitted on 2008-12-01 17:55

With less than 50 days to go until, time is tunning out to register and ensure that you get you hands on the right size of that most prized of schwag - the conference t-shirt!

Registrations after December 15th 2008 cannot be guaranteed to be the size you need for maximum comfort - so register now and make sure you secure next year's hottest fashion item1 in the right size!

1 As voted by a select group of organisers wiki up and ready to be edited

Submitted on 2008-11-27 15:08

As draws closer (only 52 more sleeps!) the web team have set up a wiki to help delegates communicate, organise travel, share tips and tricks and post other miscellaneous information.

Head over to to get started. If you know the Hobart area well you might like to recommend good cafes and bars or post about public transport or help us catalogue other information of interest by adding to the LCA2009 map. 2009 Hobart Conference Announces Emperor Penguin Sponsors

Submitted on 2008-11-20 19:10

The 2009 organising team today is pleased to announce that HP and IBM are once again extending their support to as its primary sponsors, sponsoring the Open Source conference at Emperor Penguin level.

Hugh Blemings, Open Source Hacker, Linux Technology Centre, IBM A/NZ and Micah Parrish, Linux and Open Source Engineer, HP, said that as firm supporters of Open Source Software, both companies are delighted to once again sponsor

“We are very happy to have HP and IBM on board once again as Emperor sponsors for,” said Ben Powell, conference organiser. “Both IBM and HP have offered to support us at the highest tier of sponsorship which shows their ongoing commitment to furthering the development of open source software,” said Mr. Powell., the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about registration can be found at

Call for Volunteers

Submitted on 2008-11-20 12:28

Here's your chance to form part of the operational hub of this highly regarded and dynamic event, soon to be held, in Hobart, Tasmania.

As in the past, we are again looking for for a team of around 40 motivated and reliable individuals who would enjoy giving up their own time to help make this conference a smooth running and memorable event.

As a volunteer, you could contribute in many ways, such as:

All of which will combine to ensure the overall success of this major event.

Head on over to to register which will then reveal the full listing in which to make your choice.

Volunteers do not have to pay to attend, but this entitlement does not extend to joining actual presentation sessions, nor cover the cost of the Penguin Dinner, accomodation etc.
This call is going out at a vital time in the overall conference planning process and your early response would be greatly appreciated. This is indeed a very positive way of putting something into this vibrant Linux Community of ours.

Many thanks in anticipation.......
Your LCA'09 Conference Committee

Early Bird tickets sales closed

Submitted on 2008-11-11 11:57

Early bird ticket sales have closed, but do not despair - there are tickets still available at our normal (yet still reasonable) prices.

What better gift for a friend or partner for Christmas than a ticket to

Accommodation, partner's programme, extra t-shirts and dinner tickets can also be purchased at registration time., the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about registration can be found at

Last day for early bird sales!

Submitted on 2008-11-10 14:00

Early bird ticket sales end today so get in quick! All invoices must be paid by 2008/11/10 23:59 to take advantage of the discounted early bird prices.

  Professional Hobbyist Student
Early Bird Price $635.00 $290.00 $160.00
Regular Price $785.00 $365.00 $160.00

Accommodation, partner's programme, extra t-shirts and dinner tickets can also be purchased at registration time., the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about registration can be found at

Early bird tickets sales for end tomorrow!

Submitted on 2008-11-09 23:36

As of this tomorrow (2008/11/10 23:59 AEDT), early bird tickets sales will end.

"The significantly discounted earlybird tickets are selling fast! 1/3 of the total tickets have already sold and over 3/4 of earlybird have gone," said Ben Powell, organiser. "delegates will need to make sure that they're all paid up by end of tomorrow, otherwise they'll miss out!"

Accommodation, partner's programme, extra t-shirts and dinner tickets can also be purchased at registration time., the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about registration can be found at

Only 7 days of early bird registrations to go!

Submitted on 2008-11-03 14:04

Early bird tickets are rapidly selling out for 2009 as the early bird period heads into its final week.

"The significantly discounted early bird tickets are only available for another seven days and this has led to a bit of a run on purchases over the weekend" said Ben Powell, organiser. "Almost two thirds of the early bird tickets have already sold!"

Delegates will need to book and pay for their registration by the closing date of November 10th 2008.

Accommodation, partner's programme, extra t-shirts and dinner tickets can also be purchased at registration time., the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about registration can be found at

Half of early bird tickets sold!

Submitted on 2008-10-31 13:31

As of this afternoon, 50% of earlybird tickets have been sold for 2009. Tickets are selling fast since the announcement of the extension of sales until 10th of November 2008.

"The significantly discounted earlybird tickets are selling fast! " said Ben Powell, organiser. "Delegates will need to get in quick to take advantage of these cheaper prices."

Accommodation, partner's programme, extra t-shirts and dinner tickets can also be purchased at registration time. "Accommodation for the conference is beginning to fill up too," said Mr. Powell, "the ever-popular residential accommodation is starting to fill and the rooms especially discounted for delegates at the Casino are also starting to sell fast."

A new web portal designed especially for by Wrest Point Casino is also now available to ease the booking of accommodation at the Wrest Point Casino and can be accessed at:

Bookings for residential colleges can be made at registration time., the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about registration can be found at announces extension of early bird ticket sales in response to domain outage

Submitted on 2008-10-28 18:34

In response to the recent domain outage, organisers of, announced today that early bird tickets have been extended for the January Conference. These substantially discounted tickets will now be available until November 10th 2008 or until sold out.

"It was unfortunate that our domain was out of action for so long," said Ben Powell, organiser. "We'd hate to think that people would miss out due to these circumstances."

Accommodation, partner's programme, extra t-shirts and dinner tickets can also be purchased at registration time. "Tickets have been selling fast and accommodation is filling up quickly," said Mr. Powell, "with the extra week of early bird sales, we'll probably start to see them fill up even faster!", the National Linux Conference, will be held January 19-24 in Hobart at the University of Tasmania. More information about registration can be found at

LCA still up and accepting regos!

Submitted on 2008-10-20 09:37

It has been reported that the site is down. This is due to the domain registrar expiring the domain - the Admin team are on it and we expect our regular service to be back on the air shortly. In the meantime you can still get to the site and, more importantly, register for earlybird tickets at and

Almost 1/3 of earlybird tickets are already gone - so don't let a mere domain issue deprive you of the chance to attend 2009 in Hobart 19th - 24th Jan 2009!

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