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T plus 896634

Published at lca by cafuego on Thu, 07 Feb 2008 18:04:38 +1100)

After some more SQL, some pointing and clicking, some jiggery and a fair bit of pokery, some more useless graphs have appeared. The paper committee members rated all proposals on a scale of -2 to +2, and this of course lends itself to the creation of lies statistics.

Average Proposal Scores

This gives you an idea of the average rating assigned by day on which the rated proposal was submitted. This data is split out for all proposals, rejected proposals and accepted proposals. Note how a high rating does not mean an automatic place in the programme.

Grumpy on monday!

This chart gives you an indication of what score a reviewer is likely to assign a talk, depending on which day of the week it is. I've thrown in the standard deviation as well. Mainly, this is because I wanted to do a radar chart and haven't done one yet.

Note how reviewers will assign lower scores on a Monday (with a pronounced disagreement) and much higher scores (and more agreement) on Thursdays.

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T plus 878931

Published at lca by cafuego on Thu, 07 Feb 2008 13:13:33 +1100)

After doing some more poking around in the database and twiddling with Gnumeric, I have another pretty graph with usseless stats. This one shows the ratio of accepted versus rejected talk and tutorial proposals by date.

Paper committee working

Offhand it seems your chances of having a proposal accepted are higher if you submit in the week just before or after the deadline.

No prizes for guessing when the submission deadline was.

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T plus 810875

Published at lca by cafuego on Wed, 06 Feb 2008 18:14:42 +1100)

After a few questions on IRC as to what the numbers were on the distro, editor and shell fields for linux.conf.au registrants and a tiny bit of egging on to make me do graphs, here is the first cut; DistroWars, EditorWars and ShellWars.

Distro Wars

That's a hands down win for Ubuntu and deb based distros in general. 

Editor Wars

vim ftw. What else is there to say? 

Shell Wars

And this speaks for itself. 

Note that on distros and editors, I've had to group a few single entries into 'Other', so that the graph was actually readable. 


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tired. sooo tired. time for sleeps

Published at KatteKrab - LCA2008 by kattekrab on Sun, 03 Feb 2008 14:12:18 +0000)

phew.  we made it.

think I'll sleep now.

for a week. 

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For those of you who wanted to be at LCA, and couldn’t

Published at The Geek shall inherit.. » linux.con fau 2008 by admin on Tue, 29 Jan 2008 13:37:39 +0000)

The Mel8 Technical team, along with the Real Time Communications Section of AARNET, The bandwidth sponsor for Linux.Conf.Au 2008, have organised a special treat for you.

If you really want to be at the Keynote tomorrow, but are stuck at work earning a crust, at home watching the kids, or in a cafe enjoying a coffee, you can tune your VLC compatible player into http://ogg.aarnet.edu.au:8000/lca.ogg and watch the action live from 9am

That’s right, even though we’ve sold out, as a special treat to everyone who wanted to make it and couldn’t, we’ve organized to have the Wednesday Morning keynote available via a VLC compatible stream.


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