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All prices are in Australian dollars and include the 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax.


  Professional Hobbyist Student
Early Bird Price $598.40 $281.60 $154.00
Regular Price $748.00 $352.00 $154.00
Open Day Yes! Yes! Yes!
Miniconfs Yes! Yes! Yes!
Conference Yes! Yes! Yes!
Schwag Bag Yes! Yes! Yes!
Penguin Dinner Yes! Yes! Yes!
Networking Session Yes! - -
Extra Goodies Yes! - -
Professional Listing Yes! - -

You may substitute another person however you must contact us with this person's details. If you wish to substitute after December 1, 2007 please note that we will not be able to provide any personalised items except for the person's name badge.

Fairy penguin sponsorship

We have introduced a 'Sponsor' level registration category. The Fairy Penguin sponsorship is designed for those who wish to attend the conference as a Professional delegate and make a supporting contribution to the conference. In recognition of this support Fairy penguin sponsors get their logo and a link on our sponsors page, a note in the conference booklet, and a table at Open Day. Simply register as a Fairy Penguin, or email sponsors@mel8ourne.org for more information. Fairy Penguin Sponsorship packages start at $1,500.00 plus GST.


The Professional rate is the standard conference rate. Most people have their companies pay for conference fees and charge it as a training or education expense, or for individuals who can legitimately claim it is a tax deduction.The benefits of a Professional registration include Professional Delegates Networking Session (people networking, not TCP/IP), Extra Goodies, and a Listing in the conference booklet.


The hobbyist rate is heavily discounted for free software enthusiasts who are paying out of their own pockets and would otherwise find it difficult to attend.


This concession rate is reserved for Students, and their attendance is subsidised to some extent by professional registrations. The conference offers this rate as a form of investment in the future of the Australian free and open source software community. When arriving at the conference checkin desk a valid student card or proof of enrolment must be presented, or the difference between Student and Hobbyist paid.  


Please see the accommodation page for details about the various options that are available. 

Anything Else?

If you get stuck, or have questions, please contact the organisers. If you just want to keep up with current events, you can subscribe to the low-volume linux.conf.au announcement mailing list.

Security and Credit Cards

SecurePay LogoAll transactions done through this facility are processed by SecurePay and use SSL with 128-bit encryption. The facility accepts Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa and American Express. All transactions are done by Linux Australia, the organisation behind linux.conf.au. All personal information will be kept private and used only for linux.conf.au registration purposes, statistics for future linux.conf.au events, and convenience for future linux.conf.au registration.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel before 30th November 2007, we will provide you a full refund. Any cancellations in December 2007 will incur a 15% cancellation fee and we will not provide any refunds for cancellations in January.

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