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Bruce Schneier
Reconceptualizing Security.

Morning Tea
Tutorial 1
(Sessions 1 & 2)

Writing really rad GTK and GNOME applications ... in C, Python, or Java! presented by Davyd Madeley, Andrew Cowie, Davyd Madeley, Andrew Cowie
[Slides OGG part A OGG part B SPX part A SPX part B]
Hardware / Software Hacking: Joining Second Life to the Real World presented by Jonathan Oxer, Jonathan Oxer
[Slides OGG part A OGG part B SPX part A SPX part B]
GIMP-fu and You: Writing GIMP Scripts presented by Akkana Peck, Akkana Peck
[Slides OGG part A OGG part B SPX part A SPX part B]
Building a video remixing web-site using Annodex presented by Shane Stephens, Shane Stephens
[Slides OGG part A OGG part B SPX part A SPX part B]
Session 3
The Kernel Report presented by Jonathan Corbet, Jonathan Corbet
[Slides OGG SPX]
Fixing XFS Filesystems Faster presented by Dave Chinner, Dave Chinner
[Slides OGG SPX]
AbiCollab - Rich Text Collaborative Editting presented by Martin Sevior, Martin Sevior
[Slides OGG SPX]
How to Build an Embedded Asterisk IP-PBX presented by David Rowe, David Rowe
[Slides OGG SPX]
Working around POSIX's faults: Improving the reliability of Linux named services (NSS) for large institutions presented by Jamie Wilkinson, Vasilios Hoffman, Jamie Wilkinson, Vasilios Hoffman
[Slides OGG SPX]
Session 4
Tux's Angels: Incident Response Unravelled presented by Vanessa Tomah, Amelia Charlton, Kate McInnes, Vanessa Tomah, Amelia Charlton, Kate McInnes
[Slides OGG SPX]
OLPC presented by Jim Gettys, Jim Gettys
[Slides ]
Make hardware vendors love open source presented by Dirk Hohndel, Dirk Hohndel
Do Microkernels Suck? presented by Gernot Heiser, Gernot Heiser
[Slides OGG SPX]
What's up in the Linux IPv6 Stack presented by Hideaki Yoshifuji, Hideaki Yoshifuji
[Slides OGG SPX]
Afternoon Tea
Session 5
X Acceleration That Finally Works presented by Carl Worth, Carl Worth
[Slides OGG SPX]
Peace, Love, and Rockets! presented by Bdale Garbee, Bdale Garbee
[Slides OGG SPX]

The Consumer View of Technology presented by Steven Ellis, Steven Ellis
[Slides OGG SPX]
Anatomy of a Video Codec presented by Timothy Terriberry, Timothy Terriberry
[Slides OGG SPX]

The importance of understanding User Requirements: how can Models help? presented by Sandrine Balbo, Sandrine Balbo
[Slides ] is being held during Sessions 1 & 2 in the University of Melbourne Usability Lab.


Partners Programme

We will take a coach to Healesville Sanctuary in the morning and spend the day amongst Australian native animals. Upon our return we will join the other conference delegates for the Penguin Dinner at the Night Market.

Social Programme

Tonight is the Penguin Dinner.


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