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Stormy Peters
Would you do it again for free?
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Morning Tea
Tutorial 2
(Sessions 1 & 2)
Kernel hacking: hacking on lguest presented by Rusty Russell, Rusty Russell
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Incident Response using PyFlag - the Forensic and Log Analysis GUI presented by Michael Cohen, Michael Cohen
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Creating User Interfaces With Plasma presented by Aaron Seigo, Aaron Seigo
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An Introduction to ANTLR: A parser toolkit for problems large and small presented by Clinton Roy, Clinton Roy
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Memory-Efficient and Fast Websites -- Pick Two! presented by Malcolm Tredinnick, Malcolm Tredinnick
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Session 3
Clustered Samba - not just a hack any more presented by Andrew Tridgell, Andrew Tridgell
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By Sound and By Touch: Using Linux with Speech and Braille Output Interfaces presented by Jason White, Jason White
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The Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel presented by Casey Schaufler, Casey Schaufler
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NUMA pagecache replication presented by Nick Piggin, Nick Piggin
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Free software development and localization helper presented by Yang Li, Yang Li
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Session 4
Redefining input in X presented by Peter Hutterer, Peter Hutterer
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Chunkfs: Fast file system check and repair presented by Valerie Henson, Valerie Henson
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Google, Open Source and Google Summer of Code presented by Leslie Hawthorn, Leslie Hawthorn
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Rockhopper Robot: Designing and Programming an Autonomous Robot with Linux and Open Source presented by Doug Chapman, Doug Chapman
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Parrot: a VM for Dynamic Languages presented by Allison Randal, Allison Randal
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Afternoon Tea
Session 5
Linux on Sun Logical Domains presented by David Miller, David Miller
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GStreamer: More than just playback presented by Michael Smith, Michael Smith
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netconf: modern, bottom-up network configuration management presented by Martin Krafft, Martin Krafft
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Application performance profiling with Xorg presented by Adam Jackson, Adam Jackson
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Linux and Home Automation - Lessons Learned presented by Glenn Wightwick, Glenn Wightwick
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Session 6
The Replicators Are Coming! presented by Viktor Olliver, Viktor Olliver
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A day in the life of a distro kernel maintainer. presented by Dave Jones, Dave Jones
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An Introduction to Open Source Animation presented by Elizabeth Garbee, Elizabeth Garbee
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DTrace Web 2,0, AMP and AJAX presented by Peter Karlsson, Peter Karlsson
Breaking the Silence: Making Applications Talk with Telepathy presented by Robert McQueen, Robert McQueen
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Partners Programme 

After last night's dinner we will start a bit later this morning and take a tram to explore the Fitzroy Gardens. After lunch we will head over to the museum precinct and visit the Melbourne Museum.

Social Programme

Tonight are the Professional Delegates Networking Session and Google Student Party.

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