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Mini-conf Organiser FAQ

Part of linux.conf.au

Mini-confs run as part of the linux.conf.au conference programme. Thus, the mini-conf will have to run to suit the venue and timetable provided by the linux.conf.au organisers. We particularly ask that all mini-confs observe the timetable provided by organisers, so that attendees can move between mini-confs.

Mini-conf Mailing List

There is a mailing list for mini-conf organisers that has been set up for linux.conf.au 2008. You can subscribe to it at:


This list is for all discussion of the organisation of mini-conf's at linux.conf.au. This list is the best contact point for communicating issues and questions.

Mini-conf Submission Scheduling

The Call for Mini-Confs will close on Friday, July 20th, 2007. Review of the submitted mini-confs will take place over the following two weeks and completed by Saturday the 18th of August, 2007. Mini-conf organisers will be notified on this date if their mini-conf submission was successful.


Please do not separately organise sponsorship for your mini-conf. If you think there would be sponsor interest in your mini-conf, please contact our sponsorship team at sponsors@mel8ourne.org, who will then discuss with you appropriate arrangements and act as a single contact point for the sponsors. Do not approach sponsors directly, and if you receive direct inquiries, re-direct them to sponsors@mel8ourne.org or the Sponsors page. Failure to do this could jeopardise linux.conf.au's relationship with all sponsors!


Again, to avoid annoying our sponsors, please don't display or distribute banners, posters, leaflets or other advertising material without prior written agreement from the mel8 team. Selling shirts or other clothing is OK provided that this clothing is specific to your miniconf (eg "so-and-so miniconf" not "so-and-so project").

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