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A tasty ingredient in the linux.conf.au recipe.

The mini-conferences are dedicated conference streams for specific communities of interest. The linux.conf.au organisers provide the space, and leave the rest up to the organiser of each mini-conf.

Mini-conf speakers and delegates need to register for the main conference to participate.

Video and Audio for the mini-confs is now available online.

The evaluation of mini-conf submissions for linux.conf.au MEL8OURNE2008 has been completed. The successful mini-confs are:

  Monday 28th January 2008
Tuesday 29th January 2008
Prestley Theatre Community Wireless Gentoo Down Under
Old Arts - Theatre C Fedora
Old Arts - Theatre B Education
Wood Theatre Debian
Old Arts - Theatre A Security
Old Arts - Theatre E Multimedia
Distro Summit
Old Arts - Theatre D Embedded
Copland Theatre Virtualisation

There is also a miniconf wiki for use by organisers and attendees.

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