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Tux's Angels: Incident Response Unravelled

Presented by Kate McInnes, Vanessa Tomah and Amelia Charlton from the Department of Defence.

Take a user, put them in front of a computer, throw sensitive or corporate information and Internet connectivity into the mix, and you have a potential security nightmare. So what happens when this security problem escalates into a security incident? … Incident Response.

Adverse events and anomalies threaten the security of an IT environment. These threats, such as denial-of-service, website defacement, execution of malicious code, unauthorised system access and data exfiltration, can be detected, analysed and investigated by applying incident response techniques.

This presentation will demonstrate how open source tools can be used for Incident Response and provide techniques and methodologies that can be used in the event of an IT security incident. Using live demonstrations and case studies, security incidents will be unravelled revealing methods to detect, capture, and analyse an event. The demonstrated techniques will display how evidence can be correlated to reconstruct an attack so that the extent of a compromise can be identified and effectively managed.

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