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Newcomers Tutorial

linux.conf.au can be daunting; so many sessions on the schedule and so much to see, and lots of people who seem to know everything that's going on already. Join Rusty Russell and Kelly Yeoh on Sunday afternoon at 4pm and they will arm you with a disturbingly casual sketch of some of the LCA background, traditions, and possibly even some hints on what sessions not to miss. Head to the Registration Desk on Sunday and our volunteers will point you in the right direction.

It should take no more than half an hour, then we'll wander somewhere for food and/or beer.


Mini-confs run all day on Monday and Tuesday. Please see the individual day pages for information on which mini-confs are running on which day. Each mini-conf organiser is responsible for the presentations for their mini-conf, so the detailed programme may not be published until Linux.conf.au 2008 opens.


Tutorials are scheduled in the morning of Wednesday and Thursday, directly after each keynote. Tutorials run for just under two hours, and thus take the spot of sessions 1 and 2 for each day.


Main conference presentations are scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Each session runs for 50 minutes, with either a meal break or a 10 minute travel break between sessions.

Take a look at the full conference programme to see a complete page with all the tutorials and presentations for the main conference in one place. 

Birds of a Feather

This year we have a dedicated Birds of a Feather room that is available during the main conference (Wednesday to Friday). More information on running or attending a BoF session will be available when the conference opens.

Open Day

Open day is scheduled for Saturday. Open Day is the perfect holiday event for families, students and young people to play with great technologies and learn about Open Source. You'll find over 40 exhibitions, talks, competitions and meet some great people and projects along the way. We have a wonderful line-up of technologies including movie making, 3D virtual gaming, robots, solar panel cars, segways and digital music exhibitions just to name a few. This is a day for you to get your hands dirty with some of the best technologies available today!

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