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linux.conf.au is coming home.

It all started in Melbourne back in 1999, with CALU: Conference of Australian Linux Users which was held at Monash University over 3 days in July 1999.

Renamed to linux.conf.au in 2001 it has grown to become one of the world's best technical Linux conferences.

It continues to be run by community volunteers for the community volunteers that have made Linux and Free and Open Source Software the phenomenon it is today.

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Melbourne 1999 (CALU) Sydney 2001 Brisbane 2002 Perth 2003 Adelaide 2004 Canberra 2005 Dunedin 2006 Sydney 2007

2007 - Sydney: University of New South Wales


  • Chris Blizzard - Moving the Needle: The One Laptop Per Child Project
  • Dr. Andrew S. Tanenbaum - Reliable Computing
  • Kathy Sierra - Creating Passionate Users


2006 - Dunedin: University of Otago


  • Dave Miller - 3 talks - Niagra, Linux TCP Developments and Kernel Developer Social Interactions
  • Damian Conway - Sex and Violence: Technical and Social Lessons from the Perl 6 Development Process.
  • Mark Shuttleworth - Improving Collaboration Between Open Source Projects


2005 - Canberra - Australian National University


  • Andrew Tridgell - SAMBA development model
  • Andrew Morton - 2.6 kernel development (management)
  • Eben Moglen - Free Software, Future threats and challenges - Free radio.


2004 - Adelaide: The University of Adelaide


  • Jon "Maddog" Hall - Programmers Are From Mars, Users/Managers/Companies are from Venus
  • Bdale Garbee - Where Would You Like One Hundred Thousand Users to Go Today?
  • havoc - The state of the Open-Source Desktop


BIB: Birds in Black

2003 - Perth: The University of Western Australia


  • Paul "Rusty" Russell - Hacking the kernel and looking cool while driving a fast car
  • Bdale Garbee - Herding Wild Cats and Related Adventures - An Inside Look at the Debian Project
  • Andrew Tridgell - Network analysis techniques


2002 - Brisbane: The University of Queensland


  • Andrew Tridgell & Jeremy Allison - Ten Years of SAMBA
  • Michi Henning - Computing Fallacies
  • Theodore Tso - Ten Years of Linux


2001 - Sydney: University of New South Wales


  • Alan Cox - World Domination: Classified Progress Report and Briefing
  • David Miller - A Zero-copy and Delayed Fragment Reassembly Framework for Linux
  • Andrew Tridgell - Inside the mind of... TiVo


CALU: Maddogs Keynote

1999 - Melbourne: Monash University


  • Jon "Maddog" Hall - Take No Prisoners (Venimus, Vidimus, Dolavimus)


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