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Stand up and take a bow

linux.conf.au is is run by volunteers and we'd like to thank them for their contributions.


  • The MEL8OURNE team
    Exec Team: Donna Benjamin (Director), Peter Lieverdink (Secretary and Finance), James Turnbull (Treasurer and mini-confs), Avi Miller (web, phones, events and conf booklet), Steve Walsh (network and technical ops manager), Grant Diffey (community champion and specialised support)

    Core Team: Jiri Baum (The Zookeepr Keeper), Kim Oldfield (long term strategy and volunteers), Rob Britten (Physical Logistics, Bag Stuffing, Couch Wrangling), Don Douwsma (technical ops team), Stuart 'Cef' Young (AV, network and technical ops team), Erin Walsh (Onsite registration manager),  Ryan Verner (AV team), Julien Goodwin (AV team), Joan Benjamin (Partners Programme Manager), Richard Keech (treasurer 1), Jacinta Richardson (Open Day)

    Support Team: Jason King (long term strategy), Katherine Phelps (Partners Programme Design and strategy), Faye Coker (Partners Programme design and planning and Papers Committee),  Daniel Patton (General support), Lisa Bain (General support),

    Flying Monkeys:
    Alli Russell (Speakers liaison), Kelly Yeoh (Media liaison), Janet Hawtin (Logo design, volunteers and general support), Rusty Russell ('The Godfather - Co-chair Papers Committee, Mary Gardiner (Co-chair papers committee), John Ferlito (Zookeepr, Network strategy and support), Kim Hawtin (wireless, network and technical ops), Chris Yeoh (Hackfest Liaison), Julia Decates (Onsite rego ops and volunteers)

    The Papers Committee:
    Conrad Parker, John Ferlito,  James Turnbull, Andrew Chalmers, Andre Pang, Stewart Smith, Peter Lieverdink, Anthony Baxter, Jacinta Richardson, Daniel Stone, Silvia Pfeiffer, Andrew Bennetts, Michael Davies, Chris Samuel, Avi Miller, Rusty Russell, Mary Gardiner, Faye Coker, Elspeth Thorne, Daniel Patton, Kim Oldfield

    Lynne Rutledge, Michael Abbott, Nathan Bailey, Kirsten Bartlett, Meghashyam Boyapati, Marcus Brown, James Callahan, David Coles, Michael Dale, Melissa Draper, Allan Duncan, Karl Goetz, Erica Hoehn, Edward Hooper, Toan Huynh, Raena Jackson Armitage, Ben Klein, Lev Lafayette, Wendy Langer, Andrew Laughton, Kye Lewis, Martin Lewis, Reg Lewis, Mauricio Lima, Wen Lin, Jessica Lockwood, Kathrine Matthews, Victor Mong, Quynh-Chi Nguyen, Grant Parnell, jono price, Ivan Rodriguez, Eric Dantan Rzewnicki, Chris Samuel, Niv Sardi, Joseph Sirucka, Jan Smith, Vaishnav Sundara Rajan, Michael Taht, Anton Volovik, Trevor Warren, Luke Weston, Mike Williams.

  • Linux Australia 2007 Committee
    Jon Oxer, Pia Waugh, Terry Dawson, Anthony Towns, James Purser, Janet Hawtin, Steve Walsh

  • Ghosts - past organisers of linux.conf.au
    Michael Davies, Tony Breeds, Steve Hanley, Kristy Bennett, Mike Beattie and the Seven Team: Jeff Waugh, Pia Waugh, John Ferlito, Silvia Pfeiffer, Matt Moor, Lindsay Holmwood, Sara Kaan, Ben Leslie, Jamie Wilkinson.

  • Supporters and Sponsors: Hugh Blemings of IBM, Leslie Hawthorn of Google, David Thomas of Multimedia Victoria, Amanda McPherson of The Linux Foundation and from HP: Lori Carlson, Nigel Callanan, Phil Robb and Adaora Onyia. And also to VMware, Canonical, Intel, Catalyst, Red Hat, Novell, Oracle, Trolltech, OpenQuery, Fossmart, Sigil Studios, Driea, In-Tellect, Linux Magazine, Open Channel, Builder AU, De Bortoli, AArnet, SecurePay and The Open Source Report.


  • Raena Jackson Armitage for the design template
  • The Zookeepr team: Jiri Baum, John Ferlito, Peter Lieverdink
  • MySource Matrix: Avi Miller and Squiz.net

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