Digital Preservation - The National Archives of Australia, Open Standards and Open Source

A Presentation by Michael Carden

The overview:
What records does the NAA preserve?
How do digital records fit in?
Why do we need to do 'digital preservation?'
How might digital preservation be done?
What has the NAA decided to do?
The importance of open source.

The software (all GPL):
Xena - XML Electronic Normalising for Archives

DPR - Digital Preservation Recorder

Quest - Query Electronic Storage
(CVS only)

The technical detail:
XML schema for preservation - metadata and where to put it.
Identifying data format types programmatically.
Normalising to open formats - open standards.
Presenting normalised data.
Normaliser and file namer plugin architecture.
Integration with 3rd party preservation applications (e.g. DSpace, Fedora, Eprints)

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