Managing enterprise data-centers with openQRM

A Presentation by Matt Rechenburg

High-availability, scalability, fast and flexible deployment, service- and server-virtualization are the most serious key-parameters for modern, enterprise data-centers today. This new, open-source projects intentions is to combine and integrate all kinds of useful system management tools within a unified and generic data-center management User-interface.

openQRM is an open source system management platform which integrates existing components to manage enterprise data centers efficiently. Its architecture extends to and embraces other existing data center technologies through plug-ins. The out-of-the-box functions include, but are not limited to, provisioning, monitoring, reporting and high availability. Other functionality and integration with third-party software like VMWare, Xen, Linux-VServer and Qemu as partitioning technologies, ldap-Authentication, Iscsi (booting from Iscsi-targets) and more are available.

openQRM manages physical servers and virtual machines, seamlessly and automatically. It assigns server-resources to applications according to defined policies, dynamically adjusts the amount of allocated servers according to actual usage and provides high availability for enterprise services and applications. A secure web interface, which provides easy management and control, combined with powerful command line tools allows to deploy servers and services with a single mouse-click. In the openQRM-server a generic, logical layer, called partition engine, conforms all different kinds of virtualization technologies. This partition-engine provides a virtualized server-resource from the type partition which is then used in the same way as a physical system.

This presentation deals with common aspects and features of openQRM and gives a detailed overview of its capabilities and flexibility in managing enterprise data-centers. It covers its open-source license model and the community, build- and installation of the openQRM-server, management of the available resources, provisioning and high-availability, explains the pluggable architecture and gives examples how various plug-ins are enhancing the functionality of the server and GUI.

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