Do it our way

A Presentation by Peter Miller Erik de Castro Lopo Robert Collins

A collection of tried and tested generic techniques for testing software which give good returns on investment.

For each technique we describe when you would use it, why you would use it, and how to use it.

This is not an 'agile methods' talk, nor a 'test driven design' talk, nor an 'extreme programming' talk, rather it is about back to basics, good sense, and making the best use of your time to achieve your testing goals.

We will describe in detail techniques from a number of situations:
* Code design
* Test design
* What is easiest to accomplish first
* Building in testability
* Important infrastructure for testing

We will cover all the techniques to be taught in the matching 'The Hao of Testing' tutorial:
* Small tests and build up
* Divide and conquer the tests
* Divide and conquer the code
* Placeholder results

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