Ext4: The next generation of ext2/3

A Presentation by Theodore Ts'o

The ext3 filesystem has served the Linux community well, with backwards compatibility with ext2, performance, as well as reliability and safety. However, there have been some performance gaps that can not be closed without making some incompatible changes to the filesystem format. Starting in July, the ext3 development has embarked on a new adventure; forking the ext3 code base to create an opportunity to add new features to create a faster, more robust, and more extensible filesystem that will become the ext4 filesystem. This talk will discuss the history of the ext2 and ext3 filesystems, the features planned for the ext4 filesystems and their current status, and why the decision was made to fork the ext3 codebase. Finally, this talk will answer the question: ext4 is it a new filesystem, or a new code base?

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