Improving Desktop Application Discipline - (Or, Spare the Rod, Spoil the Application)

A Presentation by Wade Mealing Eugene Teo

Many useful applications are being created and deployed across thousands of
desktops, without a larger view of how the application interacts with the
desktop. Many developers do not know, or care what their application is doing,
as long as it works. Many users do not care what their operating system is
doing, as long as they get their work done. Then someday, a busy system starts
to crawl. Drive errors crash the system. Data loss occurs. It is left to someone
else to figure out what happened and how to fix it.

This presentation will demonstrate a collection of scripts written with
instrumentation tools such as SystemTap, that can assist desktop developers
in better understanding their applications and it effects on system resources.
SystemTap is a free software that provides a powerful infrastructure for a
real-time analysis and observability in the running Linux kernel. See how the
rest of the desktop interacts with these scripts. Distribution and project
maintainer can use it to spot regressions or badly behaved applications. Developers
can use it to profile and troubleshoot strange behaviour, which in turn, help to
optimise and speed up their application, improve power usage, and make things
better. The mash-up of these scripts will allow developers to get a simple and
clear view of their applications behaviour with minimal effort.

This presentation will be presented by Eugene Teo and Wade Mealing.

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