GNU/Linux on handheld gaming devices

A Presentation by Chris McCormick

Unlike PDAs, handheld gaming devices are extremely economic in their hardware, and hence notably cheaper and less powerful. We have finally reached the point where they are powerful enough to run a full GNU/Linux environment despite this. In this talk I will discuss the relative merits of running Linux on two handheld gaming devices, and developing for those devices from Linux on the desktop. The NDS is a cheap handheld gaming device from a huge company which comes with wifi, a touch screen, and two ARM processors. The GP2X is a slightly more expensive device from a small indie startup. It features a bigger screen and also has two ARM processors, and it can be ‘broken out’ with extra hardware into a fully fledged computer with USB ports and A/V outputs. I’ll dicuss the various configurations of Linux on these systems, how they run, and how they compare to other popular gaming devices that run Linux.

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