Practical MythTV

A Tutorial by Michael Still

This tutorial would be presented by Michael Still and Stewart Smith.

MythTV is a powerful open source personal video recorder. It records television off the air, plays downloaded media files, DVDs, and audio files. It also includes a web browser, RSS reader, weather applet, and much more. In order to spend more time on interesting bits, there is some amount of MythTutorial homework to complete if you intend to attend the tutorial. During the tutorial itself, we will cover:

# What are the moving parts?
# A 10 second demo of MythTV
# Commercial detection
# Cutlists
# DVD playback with builtin player
# Guide data
# User jobs
# Nuv export and transcoding for devices like iPod and PSP
# Mythtranscode
# Remote frontends
# Telnet and IM interfaces to your front end
# MythWeb setup and demo

Direct link to video