Mondo Rescue: A GPL disaster recovery solution

A Presentation by Bruno Cornec

Mondo Rescue ( is a powerful and versatile GPL Disaster Recovery Suite.

With six years experience in disaster recovery built into it, Mondo Rescue can presently restore to bare metal from media
as diverse as tape, DVD or NFS. Mondo Rescue handles various file systems ranging from ext3 to NTFS; and mechanisms like
LVM and RAID are fully supported. Unlike imaging tools, Mondo Rescue provides full flexibility in terms of changing the
system layout during restore.

Building on its solid framework and with additional functionality implementing the PXE standard, Mondo Rescue can deploy
large numbers of near identical systems with ease, taking it way beyond its original scope.

The presentation will explain the various functions of the solution :
backup image creation, (various FS supported, compression schemas, media, distributions, ...
mindi, the mini-distro creating the environment needed for restoration
restore options, (fully automized, interactive, compare mode, online, ...
some extended usages for which the presenters made patches (LVM v2 support, PXE, support ...)
creating an image deployment server suited for PXE restauration of mondo images
cloning techniques with mondo.

It will also explain the new orientations given to the project since Sept. 2005 with the new maintainership of B. Cornec (F
rance) helped by A. Leidenfrost (Australia) and the various aspects considered for 3.0.x

At last, we will also cover some inportant points done around project management (SVN, ML, trac, ...)

It will be also the first real "Mondo Summit" with the first meeting of the 2 maintainers for a coding party and that commo
n presentation ;-)

The content is available here and will evolve with the latest new
s current at the time of the lecture.

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