clustering tdb - a little database meets big iron

A Presentation by Andrew Tridgell

The little tdb database has been at the heart of Samba for many years. More recently it has become a focus in the efforts to create a clustered Samba solution. Attempts to cluster Samba in the past have been patchy at best, oftentimes resulting in a solution which relies on "relaxed" data coherence rules, which is a polite way of saying that they can lose user data. In the last few months we have finally worked out a architecture for a clustered tdb which will allow us to achieve 3 goals simultaneously:

1) scaling to large numbers of nodes in a cluster (potentially into the hundreds)

2) robustness to node crashes and new nodes entering the cluster

3) correct data coherence rules, so user data is not at risk

This talk will present the solution we have come up with, and will discuss our (very early!) experiments in implementing it

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