Kim Hawtin

I have been involved in the open source community since 1993, then quitely porting software to Linux, learning C and UN*X. Since then I have moved from programming at USQ to SysAdmin and focused on Internet services at GrowZone and the The Bunker in the UK. While in the UK I worked with the Wireless Community networks in London and now in Adelaide with Air-Stream. gave me the opportunity to present to the wider public at a series of talks, demonstrations and workshops about community wireless and the tech in London.

This lead to a number of talks for Barcelona Wireless, Guadalajara Wireless, Sydney Wireless and Adeliade's Air-Stream, using Linux and other open software for community wireless networks. Serveral years later, after managing all things IT at Ratbag Games, I spoke at the SysAdmin MiniConf in 2006 at Dunedin LCA about supporting game developers build environment, with a warm up talk, a week before at LinuxSA. This year, 2006, has been a return to unfettered SysAdmin-ness and focusing on deploying redundant serverices for The University of Adelaide.

This proposed talk is based on a similar talk presented to Linux SA in July 2006, by Glen Turner and myself; The proposed presentation is aimed at SysAdmins in large or distributed organisations, searching for best industry practice, looking to add redundancy and high availability to the services; DNS, DHCP & NTP.


Supporting a large network? Less is more! Provide redundancy with Linux; Anycast DNS, Failover DHCP, Peering NTP