Alexander Reeder

Alexander Reeder has been an open source advocate for a decade, mainly
based out of the Tokyo area. Since 2001 he has been employed by VA
Linux Systems Japan to design, code, productize, and develop new
strategic methods for bringing open source into a closed market. He has
worked extensively with mail systems, smtpguard being a brainchild of
that process.

Recently, his interests have refocused to bringing more open source to
art, and art to open source. Currently Alexander is working on new
methods for people to interact with data sets in a manner which makes
them easier comprehend and manipulate.

Previous talks include: Improving MTA, POP, and IMAP for Large Scale Mail
Systems @ VA Linux Business Forum (2005), Biometrics and Linux @ LCA
2003, Trends in Linux Kernel Development @ LinuxWorld Tokyo 2002.


Open Source Art