Simon Horman

My colleague Magnus Damm and I are the primary authors of the port of kexec
to Xen which is scheduled for inclusion in Xen 3.0.3 or 3.0.4. As such I
was the featured developer on the Xen community spotlight in June. In the
course of this development work I have been increasingly involved in both
the Xen development community, and the Linux kexec development community,
in particular working hard to get the ia64 code merged.

I recently gave a small presentation on the Xen port of kexec at the Xen
mini-summit in Ottawa which was well received and inspired my to submit
this proposal.

More generally speaking I have been working with Linux professionally since
1997, initially as a system administrator, but for the majority of the time
as a programmer focusing on high availability and networking. I am also an
active member of Debian, and acted as one of their kernel maintainers for
about a year. I have presented papers at several LCAs and LCA mini-confs on
a variety of topics, perhaps the most memorable being my presentation on
The Linux Virtual Server Project in Adelaide.


Kexec: Soft-Reboot and Crash-Dump Analysis for Linux and Xen