Alan Robertson

I founded the Linux-HA project in 1998, and have been a frequent conference speaker since then. I average around a half-dozen conference presentations per year, and my talks are typically quite well received, and when ratings are done, well-rated.



Alan Robertson founded the High-Availability Linux [Linux-HA] project in 1998, and has been project leader for it since then. He worked for SuSE
for a year, then joined IBM's Linux Technology Center in March 2001 where he works on it full time.

Before joining SuSE, he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs. He worked for Bell Labs 21 years in a variety of roles. These included providing leading-edge computing support, writing software tools and developing voice mail systems.

Alan is a frequent speaker at a variety of international open source and Linux conferences.


Linux-HA (heartbeat) release 2 tutorial