Manish Singh

I (Manish) have been working at Flock for a year, doing browser development.
Prior to that, I'd been at Oracle on the Linux Projects team. I've also been
involved with GIMP and GTK+ for nearly 10 years. I've given talks at a handful
of LUG meetings, and wrote and presented a tutorial on how to use various
userspace debugging tools (gdb, strace, valgrind, etc.) to external developers
involved with Oracle technologies at multiple locations. I also attended LCA
this year, which is one of the reasons I'm motivated to submit for next year.

Ian has been working at Flock for over a year, also doing browser development.
He's also worked with Mozilla code at his prior job at Danger, Inc. for 4
years, developing the web page rendering engine used for the Sidekick. He's
been involved with GNOME for many years as well. He's presented a paper this
year at XTech, and has been on a panel at OSCON last year. He's also
Australian, from Perth, and visiting the Motherland is always nice.


Mozilla Extension Writing Tutorial