Andrew Cowie

This will be a tutorial given *jointly* by Andrew Cowie and Davyd Madeley. Bios and notes on speaking experience follow:


Somewhat unusually for a free software hacker, Andrew Cowie was an infantry officer in the Canadian army, having graduated from Royal Military College with a degree in engineering physics. He saw service across North America and a peacekeeping tour in Bosnia. He later ran operations for an new media company in Manhattan and was a part of recovering the firm after the Sept 11 attacks. Now based in Sydney, Andrew runs Operational Dynamics, a consultancy works with clients worldwide manage crisis, handle massive changes and upgrades, and troubleshoot critical infrastructure problems in uncertain and complex environments - be they financial or technical - at levels ranging from board governance to hands on engineering.

On the technical side, Andrew has extensive experience as a Unix/Linux sysadmin, Java developer, and has long been an Open Source advocate. Most recently, he has been contributing to the GNOME project by maintaining the java-gnome bindings allowing you to write GTK programs from Java

Andrew is a frequent conference speaker and tutorial presenter. Recent talks with audiences > 1000 include the keynote address at FOSS.IN/05 in Bangalore (titled "Inside|Outside" about how contribution is the defining - and only - barrier to entry into the open source world) and was a headline invited speaker at the Large Installation Systems Administration Conference (LISA '05) last year in San Diego (where he gave talk about Modern Trends in Unix and Linux Infrastructure Management). He has also spoken at GUADEC (Stuttgart), MySQL's User Conference (Santa Clara), SAGE-AU (Brisbane and Perth), AUUG (Sydney and Melbourne), and the Information Security, Audit and Controls Oceania conference (Melbourne). This year additions include Gentoo Linux UK Developer Conference and db4o's User Conference, (both London), and several Linux User Groups worldwide. Further details, abstracts, and slides for public presentations are available online at: and


Davyd Madeley is part student, part GNOME hacker, part software engineer, and not all there. As well as studying electronic engineering and computer science at the University of Western Australia he also works for Fugro Seismic Imaging, writing 3rd party applications on top of GNOME. Davyd has authored several popular
GNOME tutorials and presented at both GUADEC and as well as other smaller events. You can see more on his website:


Writing really rad GTK / GNOME applications in C, Python, or Java!