Charles Gray

In 2005 I presented a paper, "Itanium -- A System Implementor's Tale" at
the USENIX technical conference in Anaheim, California. This was voted
the best student paper by the programme committee.

As part of my PhD programme I am often required to present talks on my PhD
work to members of the school. Earlier this year I was invited to give a
talk to the operating systems group at Dresden Technical University in

I have tutored and administered the introductory and advanced
operating systems courses at the school of Computer Science and
Engineering at UNSW. This has involved countless hours of tutoring as
well as a number of lectures between one and three hours in length to
audiences of sizes ranging from fifteen to two hundred.

For the UNSW 2006 Open Day I gave a short talk to potential
engineering students about life and studying at UNSW.

I have also been accepted to give a talk at AUUG 2006 in Melbourne in


Darbat: Virtualising a UNIX Kernel