Patryk Zadarnowski

Patryk Zadarnowski is a part-time PhD student at the Programming Languages and Systems group at the University of NSW, and an engineer ot the Embedded and Real-Time Operating Systems at National ICT Australia. His day-time work involves real-time scheduling in the L4 micro-kernel. His weekends are spent writing type systems and theorem provers for standard ANSI C as part of his PhD.

His interests include functional programming, type systems, formal logic and Afro-Carribean music.

His prior presentations include an influential talk at COCV 2003 workshop on Compiler Optimization and Compiler Verification that conducted as part of the international ETAPS conference on computer science. He has also presented the talk on programming in TeX at LCA 2005 and numerous other presentations on smaller conferences.


Computers, Programs and Logic: What Does Linux Prove?