Michael Still

Michael and Stewart are writing a book on MythTV at this time. Michael has previously written a book on ImageMagick.

Michael Still released his first Open Source project in July 2000, and has been actively developing ever since. He has had 12 articles published by various outlets, including IBM DeveloperWorks, and once made a Tux out of fairy lights. He is the author of the recently published "Definitive Guide to ImageMagick" from Apress. Michael grew up in Canberra, Australia but now lives and works in Silicon Valley for Google with his wife and two kids. Michael's work at Google revolves around making internal corporate systems more reliable, and scalable as the company grows. Michael is a past committee member of AUUG, Linux Australia, and the linux.conf.au 2005 committee. Michael has presented at around 20 events around the world, including linux.conf.au, AUUG conferences, OLS, various LUGs, and a keynote at a user's conference.

Stewart Smith fell for MythTV shortly after he discovered that getting TiVo set up for Australia was going to cost about as much as a computer. He gambled and bought the cheapest TV capture card possible (which was only recently retired). He has since discovered that TV doesn't have to suck and that hacking DVB drivers is a good distraction from all those things you really should be doing instead (e.g. your taxes). By "day" (where day can also be defined as night) he works for MySQL AB on MySQL Cluster (a high availability storage engine) out of his home in Melbourne, Australia (not Melbourne, Florida). He's presented at LUGs, conferences (incl AUUG, LCA, MySQL UC, SAGE-AU) and has been on the board of Linux Australia since 2003 (with a stint also on the LUV board somewhere in there too). Like one of his high school teachers, he lists his weaknesses as hot women and cold beer.


Practical MythTV