Deepak Saxena

Deepak Saxena is a kernel developer working at Monta Vista Software, Inc. Until recently he was the lead maintainer of the kernel port to the Intel IXP4xx and IXP2xxx network processors found on various WiFi, WiMax, and cellular routers and is now the kernel patch monkey for Monta Vista. Previous to MontaVista Software, Deepak worked at Intel Corporation and helped lead the development of the Intelligent I/O (I2O) stack for Linux. When not hacking, Deepak likes to ride his bike, hunt down good beer, and spends lots of time thinking about environmental sustainbility.

Previous presentation experience:

"Porting the Linux Kernel to a new ARM Platform" - LCA 2006, FOSDEM 2005, Linux Bangalore 2004
"Wrting a Linux Device Driver" - Presented to the Phoenix Linux Users Group, October 2005
"2.6 Kernel Migration: A Kernel Hacking Perspective" - Presented to the Phoenix Linux Users Group, June 2003
"Kernel Hacking 101" - Presented to the Arizona State University Linux User's Group, October 2002
"Intelligent I/O (I2O) Capabilities For Linux" - OLS 2000


Ensuring your device is not supported under Linux: Lessons for hardware vendors