Adam Kennedy

Adam Kennedy is one of Perl's "Beautiful People". Brilliant and stunningly handsome, yet still modest, he particularly enjoys being asked to write his own biographies for conferences.

Adam is the author of the "theoretically impossible" Perl Parsing Interface (PPI), and currently holds the record for the most modules on the CPAN with over 120. He is a member of the CPAN administration team and is involved with a number of other Perl efforts. By day he works at his Perl consulting company Phase N helping a variety of companies solve difficult and "impossible" problems.

I have presented talks at OSDC in Melbourne several times over the last few years, and won a "Best Talk of the Day" award at OSDC 2005.

I've also given talks in the US at OSCON and YAPC::NA, and I regularly speak at Perl Mongers and Linux Users Groups wherever I happen to be travelling around the world.


Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong