We welcome members of the press to participate and capture the spirit of We have complimentary media passes available so please contact us <seven-contact AT lca2007 DOT linux DOT org DOT au> while we still have some left. Simply let us know which publication you are from and we'll sort it out from there. Media passes include access to all talks, keynotes, tutorials, miniconfs and the Professional Delegates Networking Session. If you would like to attend the Penguin Dinner, it will be $60.

We'll have a press conference during and we can also set up personal interviews for you. Just let us know who you are interested in chatting to and we'll make sure it happens. We ask that you respect that some speakers may not be willing or available to speak or be photographed at any particular time. We will provide a dedicated press room for interviews and such to take place.

See the Sponsors page to find our existing Media partners.

Contact us by email <seven-contact AT lca2007 DOT linux DOT org DOT au> or call our press officer, Pia Waugh, for details on +61 400 966 453.

We highly recommend joining the lca-announce mailing list in order to keep up with latest announcements about the conference. You can subscribe to it on the Linux Australia mailing lists page. in the media

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