The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is more than just a games console, it's also a home theatre centre and a Linux computer. Capable of playing fast paced, realistic games and movies at the highest definitions currently available for wide screen TVs, it can also be used to perform normal computer functions like web browsing, email, and word processing. It's easy to install any PowerPC version of Linux on the PS3, and if you buy your PS3 from Terra Soft Solutions, they will pre install Yellow Dog Linux for you, making it even easier. The full range of thousands of applications is available for Linux on the PS3, from the esoteric to the mundane. Yellow Dog Linux also includes everything you need to program the Cell Broadband Engine, the awesomely powerful brains at the heart of the PlayStation 3. With Blu Ray, Bluetooth, USB, user upgradable hard drive, optional wifi, and card readers, there is plenty of hardware to play with.

It is also very shiny. B-)

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