This page lists some exploring, shopping, eating and drinking you can do in the greater Sydney area, if you want to see a bit more of the city than the UNSW surrounds. See Sydney for suggestions for things to do within an easy distance of UNSW.

Meetups and informal attendee events

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  • Moonlight Cinema, Belvedere Amphitheatre, Centennial Park (enter at the Woollara Gate on Oxford Street). The Moonlight Cinema is one of Sydney's several summer outdoor cinemas, and the closest one to UNSW. Movies showing during include The Blair Witch Project, United 93 and Thank You For Smoking. Take a picnic blanket, a picnic dinner and a bottle or two of wine along, or hire picnic gear there. Buy tickets online in advance if possible, the queues are immense and they do sell out.

Vintage sci-fi films

Mu-Meson Archives are showing some vintage Sci Fi film around the traps.

Sunday 14th January

  • Young Don Johnson Double at Chauvel Cinema Crn Oxford St & Oatley Rd Paddington

    • A Boy & his Dog (1975)

      • In the 1975 post-apocalyptic film A Boy and His Dog, the title characters Vic ( Don Johnson) and Blood (Tiger the telepathic wise cracking dog) spend the first half of the movie roaming through an irradiated desert wasteland, seeking food, entertainment and sex. The year is 2024 and humans either live in underground fallout shelters or ramshackle towns composed of the discarded refuse of the past. There is no rule of law and only a minimum barter economy. 16mm
    • Zachariah (1971)

      • The cast is headed by such music greats as Country Joe and the Fish, Elvin Jones, The James Gang and Cajun singer Doug Kershaw. The adventure begins when Zachariah (John Rubenstein), who just received a mail order gun, convinces his friend Matthew (Don Johnson) to ride off with him on the trail of the Crackers (Country Joe and the Fish), a roving band of bandits. He and Matthew then set out on a trail of gun-slinging adventures, including encounters with the infamous Job Cain (Elvin Jones) and his gang (The James Gang). Experience this unique Western and the surreal visions of two gunfighters on their journey through the West. 16mm 6pm Chauvel Cinema Crn Oxford St & Oatley Rd Paddington

Monday 15th January

  • Vulcan Son of Jupiter (1961)

  • When Mars and Vulcan, rivals for the hand of Venus, have their powers taken away by an angry Jupiter over their squabbling, they go to Earth. Mars attempts to stage an uprising against Jupiter, while Vulcan attempts to save his people who are captured by lizard men and then made slaves by the minions of Mars. Sword and Sandal at its silliest. 16mm Due to unforseen curcumstances it will be held at Mu-Meson Archives 7.30pm Donation


If you want to get out of the UNSW area for an evening, here's some food districts to try:

Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Glebe used to be a nice old cheap university suburb, and now it's a nice old expensive gentrified suburb where university students eat sometimes. Glebe Point Road is its main street.

  • Badde Manors, 37 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, tel 02 9660 3797. Badde Manors does gelato and huge desserts, together with coffee and related warm drinks (Turkish warm milk among others). A good place to add some sugar after eating in Glebe. Will have trouble seating more than about 8 and even then you'll be spread over several tables.

  • Saigon Saigon, 97 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, tel 02 9660 3888. Saigon Saigon has lovely fresh Vietnamese food, the salt+pepper squid being very popular. Definitely book ahead, it's both small and popular.

King Street, Newtown

Newtown is the dormitory suburb for the University of Sydney in Camperdown, and King Street is its main street. King Street eating is most famous for having an ever changing but neverending array of Thai restaurants of varying quality (there are about fifteen at any given time, there are probably university students who can give you an accurate count). There are other cuisines scattered amongst the Thai, notably African. Don't neglect the quiet west end past Newtown station, it's the end where the grungy cafes with good coffee have moved. since east Newtown gentified. Try:

  • African Feeling Cafe, 501 King Street, Newtown, tel 02 9516 3130. African Feeling serves African food and beer from many African countries. Best to book in advance, they are fairly small and can probably only seat groups of 8 or fewer comfortably.

  • Thai La-Ong, 89 King St, Newtown, tel 02 9550 5866. Thai La-Ong is one of the assortment of Thai restaurants. It's at the cheaper end of the scale, and doesn't have air-conditioning, however, they don't stint on their chilli as much as some of the others. Can potentially seat large groups if you call ahead.


Just down the road from UNSW are a whole lot of mainly asian-style restaurants at Kingsford. Many have reasonably priced (under $10) main meals. Eatability offers a sample listing.

For sheer novelty factor, you might like to make a visit to Red Hat Noodle.



There's a high density of bookshops around Town Hall station in the city, where you can find the usual chains (Dymocks, Borders) and several large independents. Bookshops of particular interest in Sydney are:

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