A limited review of the available Free / Libre and Open Source Academic Literature, as of late 2006.

It should also be said upfront, that although the author has read widely in the Free / Libre[1] and Open Source Software (F/LOSS) literature, they have not read close to everything, and certainly have not been able to remember, record or re-find everything they have read, so if critical work is missing, the author apologies, and would be grateful for feedback. Also although there is a plethora of writings about F/LOSS, which include many web sites, and articles, this paper will try and concentrate on works which are academic in nature.

The inclusion (or exclusion) of a paper from this paper should not be seen as either endorsement nor included, a rejection of the paper. This is a list of papers that the author has found or had pointed out, and for the most part, reflect the research interests focused on Information Systems research. This paper wishes to concentrate on references primarily to do with F/LOSS so references to classic software engineering e.g. The Mythical Man Month (Brooks, 1995) or discussions on the business of software e.g. (Cusumano, 2004) are not generally given; the emphasis being on papers and articles that are focused on F/LOSS specifically, this of course leaves out excellent supporting papers on issues on business value, software engineering and other issues.

The paper starts the beginnings of Open Source and some critical stages in its development, and some seminal starting places for research into F/LOSS. This is followed by a small series of repositories of either general information or a wider range of information, a list of publications where academic research into F/LOSS is also given. The paper then lists out a series of headings and the works under those topics that can be found on Open Source.

[1] Libre is the French word for Free (as in Freedom) which is differentiated from the French word meaning no monetary cost.

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