Name: Andrae Muys Email: Affiliation: Netymon Pty Ltd,

  • Core Maintainer - Mulgara FOSS Project Architect and Lead Developer - Mulgara XA2 Project MPhil candidate - University of Queensland.

Bio: Andrae is a consulting software engineer specialising in langage semantics and data-management. For the past decade he has been active in the Australian FOSS development and user communities and a founding member of the Home Unix Machine Brisbane User Group (HUMBUG). For the past 3 years he has been a core maintainer of the Kowari and Mulgara projects. He is currently enrolled as a MPhil candidate at The University of Queensland designing and implementing the next generation of the Mulgara Transactional Store Layer (XA2). His professional interests include programming languages and their semantics; lifecycle management of large-scale data; and the sorry state of GUI API design. He also enjoys eurogames, history, and participating in his local church.

Licence: MPL and OSL

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