This is a talk at the LinuxChix miniconf, from 16:00–16:20 on Tuesday 16 January 2007 by Jacinta Richardson.

It's commonly accepted that the vast majority of jobs never get advertised. Instead these jobs are filled by internal promotions and outsiders who happen to be "in ­the ­know". Even advertised jobs, and internal promotions aren't always given to the best for the job, but rather to those with the most friends and influence. No matter what the industry, often it's not what you know, but who.

So how do you get to be "in­ the ­know"? How can you improve your promotion prospects or your reputation amongst your peers? How can you become the person people want to speak to at the next gathering? The classic answer is to network, network, network. But what does that mean?

This talk will talk about what networking is, how to do it and what advantages this can confer upon you.

You can find a paper for a previous version of this talk at:

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