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  • organisers tweak focus as final keynoter announced (Computerworld): Another first in registrations for LCA 2007 is the introduction of the LinuxChix miniconf, which is a community organized stream that aims to highlight women's work in free software. The stream has encouraged a very high proportion of females to register, Pia Waugh said.

  • Linux down under: Day two at LCA 2007 ( After Murphy's talk, I cut over to the Linuxchix room to catch "Bug Fixing for Non Programmers" by Akkana Peck. Peck's presentation was a high-level guide to ways that non-programmers can trace down and possibly even fix program bugs. "Rule 0," according to Peck, is not to panic. Instead, users should work through a problem logically; it's likely they can find a solution with patience and persistence.

  • Open house for open source: day four ( The Linuxchix table, which had a display of important women in computing, was also busy throughout the day

  • Women flock to Linux talkfest (Builder AU): Helping to boost the female ranks is a mini-conference being staged before the main conference starts and the announcement of the first ever female keynote speaker, Kathy Sierra...

  • Mini-Confs Day 2 (Builder AU): Over 50 women, one room. Builder AU covered the Linuxchix mini-conference previously and we are glad to say that it met all expectations.

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